Windows and doors face many issues during the winter just like our homes do, it is especially worse when temperatures get colder and more snowfall. Common window and door issues can be expected if you haven’t kept up with maintenance in the past few years. You shouldn’t expect your windows and doors to be in good shape if you are not properly taking care of them. Your doors and windows are delicate and should be kept clean, especially when winter comes around. You don’t want to have broken windows or doors during the winter, and this will only make your home freezing.

Shrink wrapping can affect the way your windows and doors look when we transition from humid temperatures to colder climates. From swelling and warping to condensation and drafts, winter will have a large effect on the functionality of your doors and windows. Wooden frames on windows and doors can shrink during the winter, caused by water leakages or mould growth. This makes it difficult for you to open windows and doors without the frames cracking or coming undone.

The main reason weatherstripping must be adequately maintained or frequently replaced is that ice tends to form in the cracks surrounding your doors and windows. When warm, moisture-rich air seeps through these cracks, it freezes upon contact with the cold air that is seeping in. This often makes it difficult to open windows and doors without creating cracks, and this causes more ice to be created. Almost all doors and windows have latches, handles, and hinges used to control them. These parts of your windows and doors can become seriously damaged by ice, cold or weather movement.

You will define experiences, switch your windows and doors when winter comes around. The cold can make it hard to fix these issues. There are many common glass window and door issues that you will face if you do not keep up with the maintenance of your home. If you are looking for door manufacturers, exterior doors, or storm doors in Winnipeg, then contact Yarrow Sash & Door.