Typically, the entranceway is the first thing guests see when they look at your home. Enhancing and upgrading your entryway ensures you give off the best first impression and make your guests feel welcome in your space. Here are some cheap, easy and relatively quick ways to give your entryway a facelift!


Add some colour to your space by painting or adding wallpaper. This is a cheap and easy way to freshen up a dull entryway and can be refreshed often. Try chalkboard paint to constantly personalize your space.


Adding some new storage is a great way to declutter and make use of space that you have effectively. Look into adding a wall unit or storage bench. That way you can keep everything you need at the front door but it stays looking tidy.


Incorporating seating into an entrance room allows family and guests a space to sit while they put on their shoes. Seating is also a crafty way to add character, colour and storage to your space!

New Shutters

Invest in some new shutters to control natural light and enhance your front windows. Shutters offer privacy, style, and can be placed on the outside of your home. To learn more about shutters, call or email Yarrow Sash and Door.

Get Creative

Take on some DIY projects. These hall projects are a great way to bring the whole family together and add a personal flair to your home. Try making your own key tray or wall art!

New Lighting

Lighten up dark and dry front entrances with some new lights. A new fixture can make your old space feel brand new. Opt for a funky hanging fixture to start a conversation with guests.

Wall Space

Make use of unused space in your front hall. Hang a wall of art created by you, or go out and look for art pieces that work nicely with your space colours, size and each other.

New Doors

A new front door makes a statement from both inside and outside the home. Choose to add a door with more windows and invite natural light, or add a pop of colour with custom features. For all your new door needs, Yarrow Sash and Door is here to help you restore old, or upgrade to new. Take a look at our options and call us to talk about what’s best for you!

Now that you have all the tips, go out, upgrade your space and come back to what may feel like a whole new home!