Wood Mouldings

Moulding are used to hide transitions between surfaces, as well as for decoration, and feature a variety of profiles to match a wide range of design styles. Moulding trim encases both the exterior (brickmould) and interior (casing) edges of your door or window frames and conveys an elegant, finished appeal.

Yarrow can also create mouldings for windows, as well as decorative additions like rosettes, corner blocks and plinth blocks.

Our shop can create custom mouldings for your project, and match existing moulding profiles. Contact us for more information.

Features of Mouldings

  • Crafted with solid wood.
  • Wide range of wood species available for construction.
  • Multiple styles and profiles can be created.
  • Custom knives can be created for unique projects.
  • Historic moulding profiles can be replicated from existing pieces or reference material.
  • In-house factory finish provides extra appeal.



Interior Casing


Wood has one of the greatest natural appeals, and offers a warmth and beauty impossible to recreate. Species, grain and colour can vary significantly, thus creating the unique, natural look you can achieve only with wood. The variety of species and types of wood grain allows for flexibility when considering the wood best suited to your project needs.

Learn more about the unique properties of wood here.

FSC certified wood available.


When compared to painting or staining on the job site, optional factory-stained finishes offer consistent quality and performance. Before final assembly, every piece of wood receives even coats of conditioning and stain, with two coats of clear finish, to create a consistent, durable and high-quality finish that highlights the natural beauty, texture, and grain of wood.

All of our stains are mixed by our in-house finishing department for a truly custom, factory finish. Choose from our standard stains – or we can match from any existing stain in your home, or create a custom stain for your project.

Painting on the job site or scheduling off-site finishing is an extra step that takes time and coordination. choose our primed white or white painted finish on any wood species. You can count on consistency with our process, as every piece of wood receives a coat of prime and is sanded before being painted. We use Dulux paint for high-quality finish and longevity on exterior and interior surfaces. For additional colours available, see the full Dulux colour pallette here.

We can match from any existing paint colours in your home, or create a cutom colour for your project.

* All of our finishes are available on exterior or interior surfaces; split finishes are also available.

** Finish samples are approximate and colors on screen can vary. Contact us for more information on stain and paint samples.