If your home has failing windows and doors, then your rooms could become less comfortable, and they may even start to have a negative effect on your health. This is when you know you need to get them replaced.

As time goes on, the performance of your windows and doors will start to deteriorate. The weather-stripping gets damaged, the seals start to fail, components become brittle and break off. So how will you know it is time to get them replaced? There are some obvious signs like cracked glass, drafty rooms, or that they are difficult to open and close, but some signs are even more subtle. This guide will give you pointers on when you should make an upgrade.

It Becomes Colder in Your Home

One of the most obvious signs that you will need new exterior windows and doors in Winnipeg is feeling a lack of comfort. Your home should be your retreat from the harsh world. There should be no more space more comfortable than your home. If your favourite spots in your home never seem to warm up in the winter or stay cold during the summer, then your windows and doors are most likely compromised. Most modern windows are engineered better, and made with more effective materials. Plus, today’s glass also outperforms the glass of days gone by in almost every way possible, which will translate into having cozy nooks and rooms again.

Higher Energy Bills

If your windows and doors are not performing optimally then your energy bill will be higher than expected. Even if you can afford it, it will consume more natural resources than necessary. If you aren’t sure what your energy and fuel bills should be, then you can ask your neighbors what they pay each month. If they have a similar house to yours, and their family is a similar size, then both of your bills should be similar.

Moving Curtains

If you think there’s a ghost in your curtains, aka your curtains are moving around even while your windows are closed, the cause is most likely the fact that you have a drafty window. There are a couple of reasons why windows will become susceptible to air infiltration. It might be that the window’s seals and gaskets have gone through their usefulness, or the window might have been improperly installed in the first place, and the draft is not coming from the window but from the area between the window and the wall. If this is the case then you could opt to get full replacement windows instead of inserts so your installer can properly insulate around your new windows.

Seeing Light

If you can see outside between the door panel and door jamb, something is wrong. You should not see any light around the perimeter of your door panel. And if you can, your door is out of alignment or the weather-stripping has worn out or has fallen out altogether. Water infiltration, which leads to rot and mold, can also be a concern when you have an inadequately sealed door.

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