The Art of Fenestration

Traditional wood WinDows

Yarrow knows windows, and we know how important quality and craftsmanship are when it comes to protecting your interior with high-quality frames and glass – so you can enjoy the benefits of natural light for many years to come. Our artisans can handcraft wood windows in all shapes, sizes and wood species for traditional designs.

We integrate high-performance details, like triple pane glazing and engineered cores, with precision mortise and tenon joinery for added durability and longevity.

Our biggest speciality is authentic reproduction of architectural details, blending the efficiency of modern technology with traditional heritage construction and design. Yarrow Sash & Door has worked on multiple designated heritage buildings throughout Canada and the USA, and we’re among the nation’s preferred suppliers for high-quality, accurate restoration work. Yarrow can provide replication of residential and church windows, storefronts, traditional putty-glazed sashes, chain and pulley double-hung windows, and other heritage designs.


  • Historic design that can match traditional home styles, including Craftsman, Victorian and Colonial.
  • Checkrail, French Casement and Storm window styles with vintage period details, including wavy glass.
  • Handcrafted and sized for your home.
  • Stile and rail construction.
  • Mortise and tenon joinery provides extra stability.
  • CNC machined for precise fit and finish.
  • Seamless, one piece sill construction for window frames.
  • Historically accurate aprons, stools, and mullion covers.
  • Authentic period hardware, such as chain and pulley, or rope balances, are available.
  • Built to withstand the extreme highs and lows of the Canadian Climate.
  • Sustainable materials can be repaired, refurbished and repainted.


Windows And Doors Winnipeg


A traditional vertical sliding window in either a single or double hung function. They feature single pane putty glazed true divided lights. Vintage period appropriate hardware is standard and balances including chain and pulley are available.

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A fixed sash window replicates traditional designs. This includes piano windows, hallway windows, and can incorporate decorative glass windows in living rooms.

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Yarrow wood basement windows replicate the historic designs of the past. They include an operating interior sash and fixed storm window on the exterior and optional screen. The glazing is single pane with putty and true divided light windows. Hardware includes sash locks, hinges, turn buttons and eyes and hooks.

French casement windows


French casement windows offer a full unobstructed view with hinged sashes and no center post. The inswing windows feature traditional butt hinges and casement sash locks.

Storm Windows Winnipeg


Historic storm windows provide protection from the elements and add detail with divided light patterns. Yarrow offers the historic single pane and a dual pane option for added energy efficiency. They are ideal for protection over single pane leaded light glass in older homes.

Church Windows Winnipeg


We have extensive expertise with historical replication of church windows. Our product specialization and custom orientation allow us to upgrade the energy efficiency to dual pane while retaining leaded glass whilst preserving the historical aesthetic of ecclesiastical architecture.


Check Rail

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Fixed Sash

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French Casement

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Storm Windows

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Checkrail Profiles

Storm Window Profiles


Wood Options

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Wood has one of the greatest natural appeals, and offers a warmth and beauty impossible to recreate. Species, grain and colour can vary significantly, thus creating the unique, natural look you can achieve only with wood. The variety of species and types of wood grain allows for flexibility when considering the wood best suited to your project needs.

Learn more about the unique properties of wood here.

FSC certified wood available.


Decorative Glass

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Windows And Doors Winnipeg

Aqua Lite

Bronze Tint

English Reed

Glue Chip

Interior Doors Winnipeg

Green Tint

Exterior Doors Winnipeg

Grey Tint

Narrow Reed

Pattern #62


Sand Blasted

Satin Etch

White Laminated

Whether you are looking to capture natural light, prefer the privacy of obscured glass or the beauty of decorative glass, we can meet the unique needs of each project.

Energy Efficiency

Bronze Tint

Grey Tint

Green Tint

Glass plays an important role in managing the energy efficiency of your home. Our standard glazing is dual pane: two panes of glass with Low-E coatings and argon insulating gas. Triple pane glazing is available upon request


True Divided Lites (TDL)

Multiple individual sealed units, glazed separately between muntin bars. True divided lites are a traditional feature on historic windows and doors.

TDL bars are available in two standard widths: 13/4″ and 13/8″.
SDL construction is available for doors with insulated glass(IG).

Exterior View

Interior View

*Custom TDL Widths are available.


Mouldings are used to hide transitions between surfaces, aswell as for decoration, and feature a variety of profiles to match a wide range of design styles. This trim encases both the exterior (brickmold) and interior (casing) edges of your doorframe and conveys an elegant, finished appeal.

Our shop can create custom mouldings for your project, and match existing interior casing or brickmoulds. Learn more here, or contact us for more information.

Interior Casing

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Window Companies Winnipeg


Window Companies Winnipeg

Two Part Bevelled

Door Manufacturers Winnipeg

Two Part Ogee

Windows And Doors Winnipeg


Windows And Doors Winnipeg

Bevelled 2"

Windows And Doors Winnipeg

Flat 3"

Windows And Doors Winnipeg

Bevelled 3"

Door Manufacturers Winnipeg

Flat 2"


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Two Step

Flat 3"

Double Beaded

Flat 2"

Single Beaded

Two Part


Stained Wood

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Interior Doors Winnipeg

Clear Coat

Interior Doors Winnipeg

Natural Walnut

Interior Doors Winnipeg

Special Walnut

Exterior Doors Winnipeg


Exterior Doors Winnipeg

American Walnut

Exterior Doors Winnipeg

Dark Walnut

Exterior Doors Winnipeg

Espresso Red Oak

Exterior Doors Winnipeg

Spanish Oak

When compared to painting or staining on the job site, optional factory-stained finishes offer consistent quality and performance. Before final assembly, every piece of wood receives even coats of conditioning and stain, with two coats of clear finish, to create a consistent, durable and high-quality finish that highlights the natural beauty, texture, and grain of wood.

All of our stains are mixed by our in-house finishing department for a truly custom, factory finish. Choose from our standard stains – or we can match from any existing stain in your home, or create a custom stain for your project.

Painted Wood

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Windows And Doors Winnipeg

Primed White

Windows And Doors Winnipeg

Brilliant White

Windows And Doors Winnipeg


Windows And Doors Winnipeg

Heritage Brown

Heritage Red

Storm Doors Winnipeg

Heritage Green

Painting on the job site or scheduling off-site finishing is an extra step that takes time and coordination. choose our primed white or white painted finish on any wood species. You can count on consistency with our process, as every piece of wood receives a coat of prime and is sanded before being painted. We use Dulux paint for high-quality finish and longevity on exterior and interior surfaces. For additional colours available, see the full Dulux colour pallette here.

We can match from any existing paint colours in your home, or create a cutom colour for your project.

* All of our finishes are available on exterior or interior surfaces; split finishes are also available.

** Finish samples are approximate and colors on screen can vary. Contact us for more information on stain and paint samples.


When choosing every day hardware, the right set not only looks goos, but feels good – and holds up to daily demands of security and durability for your home. Our versatile range of hardware can match any architectural style or lifestyle need.

For our full range of available hardware, see our hardware partners, or contact us.