Heritage Grade

Restoration of Heritage Windows and Doors


Yarrow Sash & Door is Door is experienced in the unique challenges of historical restoration and replication. We welcome all sorts of projects, from designing and constructing windows and doors for conservation projects, to restoring the sash, frame and glazing of authentic period pieces.

We take the time to craft the smallest details, including putty glazed true divided lites with salvaged period glass, traditional mortise and tenon joinery and matching historic profiles.

Preservation methods include restoration techniques that incorporate the application of consolidation resins, epoxy and wood dutchman repairs. Every project is carefully approached with the intention to preserve as much of the original materials as possible while ensuring the integrity of the historical aesthetic.

Yarrow has completed over 100 heritage projects throughout Western Canada including commercial, institutional and residential buildings.

Check out our photo galleries to view some of these projects and then give us a call when you are ready to discuss your window or door restoration project.