Re-Imagining Historic Homes.

Traditional homes are a beautiful legacy to pass on to future generations – including the original windows and doors. Yarrow has the expertise to refresh heritage elevations and revitalize the character of your historic home.

Residential Restoration & Repair.

Yarrow Sash & Door is experienced in the process of repairing the details of traditional homes in character neighbourhoods. Our team has restored salvaged wood doors, and the sash, frame and glazing of authentic period windows from many homes throughout western Canada.

For more details about replication heritage windows, see our windows page.

Preserve the historic character of your home for the next generation by choosing to restore your wood doors and windows.

Residential Services


Restoration aims to preserve the original material used by stripping the old surface, and re-applying a period authentic finish. This is the simplest way to revive historic wood fenestration without major structural damage, such as rot.


Sectional repairs are often linked with the process of restoring wood fenestration. For sections with rot or other irreparable structural damage, the addition of new wood pieces adds strength and longevity. These pieces are attached early in the process, and refinished seamlessly.


For historic wood fenestration that cannot be sectionally repaired or salvaged, or for buildings who have lost their authentic period fenestration, Yarrow offers precise and authentic replication. We can handcraft any door and window with matching heritage profiles.

Yarrow Sash & Door was founded in 1946, in the heart of the Canadian Prairies. Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Yarrow Sash & Door has established an excellent reputation for manufacturing quality, custom wood doors and windows.

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