If you’re interested in preserving history and sentiments, you will have to follow a number of steps so that you can do this successfully. When it comes to buildings and homes, the first step is to identify all of the historical features so that you can protect them.

You must retain and preserve the windows and must identify their functional and decorative features before you can move forward. This will provide you with an understanding of the historic character of the building and you can then conduct an assessment of their condition to see whether repairs are possible or if a replacement is necessary. Regardless of which option is more suitable, you will be able to preserve the important features and can even recreate them if need be.

If possible, it is always best to leave historically important features, so it is not recommended that you remove or drastically change windows as this will affect the character of the building. It’s also best not to change their location, size, or historic appearance through bold or inappropriate designs. The wrong materials, finishes, and colours will impact these features and will diminish their character. If you notice peeling paint, broken glass, or high air infiltration, do not jump to a replacement because these conditions can be repaired.

As your second step, you need to protect and maintain all of the historically significant features, which you can do by applying the right surface treatment. This can include rust removal, cleaning, paint removal, and the re-application of protective coating, all of which will allow you to maintain the wood and architectural metal of your window frame. You can also re-caulk the windows and install weather stripping, which will make them weather-tight to improve thermal efficiency. Once these steps are completed, it’s time to repair damaged historical features, which you can do by patching, consolidating, splicing, or reinforcing. You can also replace certain pieces that have deteriorated or are missing by using compatible substitutes that will maintain the historical appearance of the windows.

If it’s impossible to repair a certain aspect, replace it but use materials that will create the same look so that it does not affect the historical aspect. Match the materials as best you can and duplicate the frame width, depth, and other decorative details. Lastly, recreate any missing features and do this only after all of the other concerns have been addressed. You can create replacement windows that are identical to the original through historical and pictorial information. Do not install new additions that will change the historical appearance of the building, as this will prevent you from preserving history and the sentimental value it presents.

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