Your home’s front porch definitely adds to its curb appeal, and it also gives you a dedicated space you can use for both designing your home and using it as a living space. As the front door is the focal point of the porch, you probably spent a lot of time deciding on the right one. However, have you given as much thought to installing a storm door? 

There are many benefits associated with installing a storm door for your home. It functions as a second outer door that adds another barrier from the outside elements and adds to the comfort and protection of your home. When there is bad weather outside, the glass panels of the door will protect your front door from harm and will protect your home from any other damage and wet conditions. When the weather is nicer, the screen panels can allow you to add more ventilation inside without letting any pesky bugs in. 

Add More Natural Lighting to Your Home

Having a bright entryway is a lot more inviting. However, if you do not have a storm door, your entry door usually needs to stay shut to prevent anything from coming inside. Thus, you block the light that would have been able to come in. If you have a long foyer, these are more susceptible to being dark and dreary. Installing your storm door will allow you to leave your front door open, allowing the natural light to create a brighter, more inviting, and welcoming space.

Protect Your Exterior Door

An entry door can be seen as a valuable investment. Since it can make or break your curb appeal, you will want it to stay looking as good as possible for as long as possible. Having a storm door installed can help you protect your primary door from inclement weather like rain, ice, and snow; thus, it reduces maintenance costs and helps it last a lot longer. 

Improve Your Curb Appeal

When installing a new storm door, there are many different design elements to choose from. You can pick some stylish hardware, beautiful designs for the glass, retractable screens and different colours. There are so many different ways you can personalize your storm door to suit your needs and style. 

Improve the Energy-Efficiency of Your Home

Storm doors also help you keep your home more energy-efficient by giving you a buffer against summer heat and winter cold. Storm doors are able to reduce energy loss by up to 50%, which can also save you a lot of money when it comes to your energy bills. When there is appropriate weather, you can take advantage of it by installing a storm door with a screen so that you can have some extra ventilation in your home. 

Create a More Inviting Entryway

Storm doors are able to create a nicer entryway for guests. If you are expecting guests and you leave the front door open for them, they are able to see inside your home and understand that they are invited inside. Plus, more natural light will fill your entryway, making it much more pleasant.