Style is tricky to achieve when it comes to interior doors, but mixing and matching will help you get the look you’re after.

If you like to keep up with tradition, you can keep all of your internal doors the same. However, you are not obligated to do this. Picking one style of door for your home is sometimes recommended because it will provide you with consistency and uniformity throughout your space, so the effects will be pleasing to the eye and very enjoyable. Mixing too many different styles can look unappealing and messy, but you can create a beautiful appearance that will not feel overwhelming if it’s done right.

If you are interested in mixing interior door styles, you have to first understand the available styles so that you can then choose the best combination. Modern doors are straightforward, and their appearance is clean and functional, whereas glazed doors can offer you complex patterned designs. The glass can range from uncomplicated, transparent panels to thicker, opaque panels if you’d like more privacy, and panelled doors will provide you with a vintage feel. This kind of door will provide your interior with old-world charm, so they are often used in cottage homes. If you want something clean and contemporary, you can always select white doors. If you’re having trouble deciding between these options, you won’t have to because there are alternative ways to style your home and combining different door styles will allow you to enjoy the best of different worlds.

The key is to create some form of connection because this will ensure a nice flow. One technique you can consider is the use of internal doors to hint at the different functions of each room. A modern door, for example, can be used to mark the entrance to your living room, while an ornate door can mark the entrance to your study or home office. This method can also apply to colours as brighter interior doors would be great for children’s rooms or entertainment spaces. At the same time, serious tones may be better suited for the bedroom, which would be considered a moodier setting.

Mixing different interior door styles is definitely a possibility but try to pick just a few as this will provide your interior with better results. You don’t want your space to appear too busy; otherwise, your home will feel overwhelming and wrong, so you have to mix the right styles and should focus on just a few.

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